GCSE’s are a General Certificate of Secondary Education and the earliest internationally recognized qualification you can achieve when following the British Curriculum. GCSE’s and iGCSE’s require the students to follow a 2-year course starting when they are 14 years old and completing the exams when they are 16 years only at the end of year 11. Students are usually required to pass at least five subjects at GCSE (either scouring a C grade or a level 5) before they are allowed to progress to A levels or the IB course however this does vary between schools. Most students choose to take between 7 and 10 subjects at GCSE level, it is compulsory for all students to take English (literature/Language), Mathematics and Science (double award or triple award). Particular schools can require other mandatory subjects to be taken, such as a language, Physical education or religious students, however this is largely at the discretion of the school.


The passing requirements for each course are high and we understand that juggling many subjects is challenging, particularly with the added pressure of sitting internationally moderated exams. But we are here to help! Whether it is securing those final fee concepts to secure your level 9 in mathematics or knowing how to structure a 12-mark essay in History. Our expert tutors are on hand to help and guide wherever possible. 

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