Feynman Education is currently recruiting for the following full-time positions:


Academic Tutor: Science

We are looking to recruit a fellow education enthusiast who is confident tutoring science from a primary to A level and Grade 12. They will be working with both expatriate and local students where lessons will be taught at either the student’s homes or in our office located in Abu Dhabi city. 



Academic Tutor: Mathematics 

We are looking for passionate mathematicians who are willing to breathe life into a subject that can be intimidating for some students. We need the candidate to be able to share the beauty of mathematics with students of all ages. The candidate must be comfortable conducting the lessons either in our offices, located in Abu Dhabi city, or at the student’s home. 


All of our academic tutors also have the unique opportunity to be involved with existing and new consultancy projects, where our team of dedicated consultants will guide you through each step as projects arise. 

If you would like to apply to either of these positions please complete the submission form below by attaching your resume and detailing why you would be a suitable candidate.

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