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At Feynman Education, we pride ourselves on bringing the highest calibre of Education Consultancy and Private Tuition to Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

We realise that people achieve most successfully when they are engaged and inspired. Making the educational experience an enjoyable and fulfilling one is a key part of our ethos.

Our tutors aim to build a strong, working relationship with each student, understanding how they, as individuals, can thrive most optimally. We help students build on their strengths and address their most challenging areas of academia, leaving them feeling accomplished and confident.

Our tutors are well equipped to help students transition into different educational systems. The process of private tuition varies on a case-by-case basis, but typically our tutors help contextualize learning, providing examples, methods and formulae that students can easily learn and understand.

We feel passionately about sharing the beauty of education with all of our students. Our tutors aim to breathe life into subjects that can be intimidating and will find ways to explain challenging concepts in a format that is not only comprehensive but also memorable.

One of the most fundamental beliefs at Feynman Education is that each student is unique and thus, they do not all fit the same education model. Our consultants advise parents and students on suitable schools and universities, both within the region as well as internationally. We pride ourselves on providing unbiased advice and will work tirelessly to find each student their perfect educational institute. We can guide you through the entire admissions process; from entrance papers through to first day orientations.

‘Our teams of tutors and consultants are dedicated to finding the optimal solution for every student, client and project we undertake.’

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